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Getting Started

  1. All participants are required to attend an in-person intake with the program staff, prior to scheduling visitation or exchange.

  2. To schedule an intake, contact the Visitation Center at 336-226-7433.​

    • Intake appointments are scheduled on Fridays during office hours only.

    • Intake app​ointments will only be held for clients who have completed the required payment, all other appointments will be canceled.

    • Program Fees

  3. Download the appropriate Intake Application, complete and bring with you to the scheduled intake along with any relevant legal documents (custody order, DVPO, ect.)

  4. Supervised Visitation Visiting Parties will be required to provide a current criminal background check from the Alamance County Clerk of Court, prior to scheduling visitation.

  5. Children age 5+ are required to attend a Child Orientation to introduce them to the center.

  6. After both parties have completed all required steps to begin visitation or exchange, staff will contact each party to begin the program.

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