Elon University Organizations Support Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Elon LogoMany Elon University organizations, such as the feminist organization EFFECT and Students Promoting Awareness, Responsibility, Knowledge, and Success (SPARKS), are raising awareness of violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

 Recently, EFFECT held a Walk Against Blaming event on campus in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Chants such as “Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no” could be heard. Students also created their own posters to express their views about sexual assault. They also hosted a Take Back the Night march on April 16 in support of sexual assault survivors.

SPARKS at Elon also hosted the Clothesline Project from April 14-18. The Clothesline Project promotes awareness of domestic violence by having survivors or relatives and friends of survivors decorate a shirt to express their experience with violence. After all shirts are decorated, they are hung on a clothesline for others to view.

 For more information on either of these organizations or events, please visit Elon Univeristy’s Sexual and Relationship Violence website at the link below.


New Center in High Point Provides Help for Domestic Violence Victims

FASOn Wednesday, April 2, a new center for domestic violence victims was dedicated in High Point. The new center will offer victims an easy way to obtain a protective order and many other services, with police and a Legal Aid attorney to assist them in the protective order process. Tiffany Atkins, a Legal Aid at the center, said, “It can be confusing, especially if there are language barriers. We hope to make it smoother and streamline the process a little bit.”

 The first of its kind in Guilford County, the goal of the new domestic violence center is to provide victims with a one-stop process for obtaining protective orders rather than have to travel to different locations. Similar to our E-filing system here in Alamance County, the High Point center would like to establish a video conference through which discussions between the judge and victim can occur.

 The new center is located in the High Point Center for Children and Families, which is in the back of the Southside Recreation Center at 401 Taylor Avenue. If you would like more information about the new center, please visit the link below.


Leading Ladies Luncheon

On April 1, more than 150 women and men attended the annual Leading Ladies Luncheon in Asheboro. The event was hosted by the Randolph County Family Crisis Center, which serves over 3,000 individuals affected by domestic violence each year.

In attendance was Faith Abubey from WFMY News 2, who shared some of the domestic violence stories she has covered over the years. Katie Nordeen of Fox 8 spoke about the media’s impact on self-image, especially the influence social media and movies have on viewers.

The event has become a way to recognize the many volunteers and donors but also increase awareness of the services the Family Crisis Center offers. At the end of the luncheon, guests were given teal ribbons in recognition that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Recognize the Signs of Abuse

There are several signs that someone is being abused. Look out for signs such as:

phone- Afraid of their partner or anxious to please them
- Checks in often with their partner to let them know where they are or what they’re doing
- Frequently misses school, work, or social occasions without an explanation
- Has frequent injuries that they describe as “accidents”
- Dresses in clothing that covers up scars or bruises, such as sunglasses or long sleeve shirts
- Receives frequent, harassing phone calls from their partner

If you or someone you care about is being abused, contact 911 for emergencies or the Family Abuse Services hotline at 336-226-5985.

Girl Scout collects donations for FAS

Thank you to Lauren and all the members of Bethel United Methodist Church for their thoughtful donations for Family Abuse Services.  Without the support of the community we would not be what we are today.  Also a big thank you to Center United Methodist and Bethel United Methodist for allowing us to come and speak to your congregation about FAS.  bethel donation

Holiday Hours

We will be closed Tuesday December 24 – Thursday December 26.  We will follow normal hours Monday and Friday.  We will also be closed January 1st.
Our crisis line is always available even when our office is closed, 336-226-5985.